Orientation Mesh Element of a Hull

Hello, i’m Jordy. I’m presently working on simulating a statically loaded seat made of glass fiber reinforced composite. In the Asterstudy Module, i modelled it as a hull, having 5 layers (composite material with linear orthotropic behavior). The seat has so many faces pointing in different directions, and so the normal to the mesh elements of the rerspective faces point in different directions. So when trying to calculate the stress (SIGM_ELNO) as well as the deformation EPSI_ELNO using the CALC_CHAMP and POST_CHAMP functions, the following error occurs:

Vous avez demandé le calcul d’un champ aux noeuds sur des éléments ║
║ de structure. Mais les ║
║ repères locaux de certaines mailles entourant ║
║ des noeuds sur lesquels vous avez demandés le ║
║ calcul ne sont pas ║
║ compatibles (Au maximum, on a 66.5408 degrés d’écart entre les angles ║
║ ║
║ nautiques définissant ces repères). ║
║ ║
║ Risque & Conseil : ║
║ Il se peut que vous obteniez des ║
║ résultats incohérents. ║
║ Il est donc recommandé de passer en repère global les champs ║
║ ║
║ utiles au calcul du champ aux noeuds.

So i get some results for the stresses, but they are not correct and not even reasonable, just like the message warned. I tried to modify my mesh and to orient the local coordinates used for the calculation, but in vain. Now it also says i should switch to the global coordinates but i couldn’t find where to do that. I’m working on Salome 9.10.0. Thank you all in advance for your help.