OpenFoam and S-P?

I haven’t been here in a while, and this is the first visit to the “new” website. I liked the density of the old one, but, hey! I’m old fashioned. Is anyone routinely meshing with unstruct tets and importing into Openfoam?

Pattim :grinning:

if you want to search for old posts in any case, you can acces (partially as the user data was half erased) here: Forum — SALOME Platform

I do unstructured in 2D only (to use in snappy) but it is the same for the 3D. for 2D you can even create the geometry subdictionary automatically. for 3D with tets, i would highly recommend the following items:

That’s correct. Pyramid cells fail to export, when using the native export routine for the UNV format. Furthermore, I also found that I have to delete edge groups, since they crash the ideasUnvToFoam converter.

The salomeToOpenFOAM script works like a charm.

Thank you both for the information! So far I have only worked with blockmesh, which seems problematic. So I have a lot to learn, I have made complex tet meshes in Salome. IIRC, one must be careful with quality of the output mesh. I am a little confused, though, aren’t all tetrahedra “pyramids” with varying skewness? (…here showing my lack of knowledge of gridding tech)

polyhedra do look good… (I’ll have to look, but I assume Salome supports well?)