Offset of mirrored objects

Offset of mirrored objects behaves unexpectedly, see pictures. How can
this be changed?

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can you please upload your study such that we can see if we can reproduce the issue on our side and escalate it to SHAPER developers?

Hello NabilG
I will gladly construct a new file if you like. The demonstration has been deleted.
What is actually important for the community is: If your construction contains reflections (mirror)
in your construction, then select the offset separately for the original and a new offset for the mirroring.
Do not command offset for mirroring and original in the same work step!
I have only made this experience after many attempts.

Is this sufficient ?

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Here is a repeat of my test in shaper.
Salome- Version 9.8.0 System Win 10.

Left of the y-axis: Original
Right of the y-axis: Mirror.

Offset was commanded in the same step for both the original and the mirror.
Offset in the original is correct, offset in mirror is wrong.
Step 1:: Offset for original. Close offset.
Step 2: Offset for mirror: command “reverse”, close offset.
Mirror_Error.hdf (25,5 KB)