NetGen parallel meshing fails

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the parallel meshing feature of Salome 9.10.

Based on the example which works pretty well, I tried to mesh a simple cube using a script (attached). But I always get an error:

RuntimeError: MakeGlueEdges : GEOMAlgo_GlueDetector failed

When I check the created objects in GEOM, the cube is there, but there is also an empty compound (and MESH is empty of course). Did somone manage to use this feature and can help me? Thanks!

Here is the script I used: (2,1 Ko)

I might be wrong, and right now I am in windows so I can not test it. but the parallel meshing implemented right now for netgen, is actually a serial meshing of each solid inside a compound. and from looking at you dump script, you are creating simply one box. so it might be an issue of:

  1. not being a compound
  2. being only one body
    in any case, you should not expect any difference at all in a case like this. it is meant to be used for compounds with a large number of solids inside of it.
    best regards,


Your explaination makes sense in regard to the tutorial, thanks! I got confused by the wording in the release notes hehe, it seemed too good to be true.

Thanks again for the quick answer!

the ‘classic parallel’ will come with newer versions of NETGEN (6), if I remember correctly (i might be wrong). and there have been some issues with the integration of it. thats why salome went back some vr of it in the newer vr of salome. so for this we need to wait. you have a pluging created by @MRousseau for classic parallel tetra meshing in salome.
best regards

I will keep an eye out for newer netGen versions then :slight_smile: