Multithread netgen


I am wondering if the development team planned to add multithreading capabilty to netgen in Salole ?

Thank you.

Yes we plan to use netgen multi-threading capabilities soon.

Right now we are bothered by a bug in netgen 6 which pushed us to come back by default to netgen 5 for Salome 9.9. The bug is corrected in netgen 6 master - but switching to the last release of netgen requires a lot of work. This development is planned this summer - and at the time we would like to address the use of multi-threading capabilities.


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Bonjour Nicolas,

Thank you for this feedback ! I am happy to hear that multithreading will be available.

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I have tested the last version (9.9.0) but I don’t see multithreading capability for Netgen.
Will it be present in the next realize ?

Thank you.