Multi region geometry for cfd


I need to create multi-region case which has 3 cylinder region. Outer and Mid regions are solid, inner region is the fluid region. Inlet for the inner region intersecting with outer and mid region while outlet intersectiong only the outer region (It looks unphysical but this is the geometry I have to create). I defined all faces and volumes but when I split the regions the code recognize inlet as face-zone.

I add the scheme for the problem and hdf file. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

multiRegion.hdf (3.8 MB)

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Please check if your FEM software also processes rotationally symmetric objects.
If yes, then I have my solution here.
The drawing was done with the shaper of Salome 9.9.

Please check the groups. Did I capture all edges correctly? Only you can know what should be calculated.
Maybe you have to extend the groups.

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konz_Rohr.hdf (227,2 KB)


The y-axis is the axis of rotation