Modal windows for operations (Export mesh, Load script, Save, etc) frozen/"Not Responding" for long periods of time

Hello everyone,

I am running the last version of salome 9.9.0 on Windows 10 with the executable .\run_SALOME.exe. I have applied a compatibility fix before to increase the icons size in the GUI.

For sometime I’ve been noticing an extreme lag on GUI operations that rely on a modal window (e.g Export mesh, load script, save project, … ). These lags/window freezes can take up to minutes, which doesn’t seem reasonable.

Specially because they happen as the modal window loads, rather then on the operation execution after the modal is loaded.

Any suggestions on how I can diagnose and fix this problem?

Many thanks,


you may have some network folders mounted on a letter drive (for instance Z:) but the network is not accessible anymore. Try to connect to the network or to remove the network letter drive.