Meshed area vs Maximal area

Hello everyone,

I am doing the mesh of a fluid domain (solid created by importing an stl file and building the solid) using the following algorithms:
1D: Wire discretisation, Number of segment = 1
2D: Netgen 2D, Length from Edges
3D: Netgen 3D, Netgen 3D parameters
Viscous layer with the Face Offset extrusion method.

During the meshing process, in the console I get the following messages:

Can anyone explain what they are about?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Filippo,

This is a netgen log message, look at the class meshing2.cpp in netgen 5 for more details. I can share the condition where it happens.

double maxarea = TheMaximalAreaSetForElements
double meshedarea_before = FaceArea;
if(maxarea > 0 && meshedarea-meshedarea_before > maxarea)
    cerr << "meshed area = " << meshedarea-meshedarea_before << endl
	 << "maximal area = " << maxarea << endl
	 << "GIVING UP" << endl;
    return MESHING2_GIVEUP;