Mesh problem due to the geometry made with Shaper

Hello, I encounter several problems with SALOME CFD when creating my mesh on my shaper geometry and I was wondering whether you could solve my problem and if not redirect me to someone who can, the problem is the following : I have two parallelepiped cells 1 and 2 with a door in 3D rectangular form between the two (there is also a jet inlet in cell 1 and an air outlet in cell 2).
Problem 1 : Mesh comes to refine the mesh at the interfaces (see picture) when I did not ask it explicitly (no explicit local refinement in the mesh assumptions)

Problem 2 : When I apply a “Mapped hexa” mesh, it returns a “wrong number of wires” problem at the input and output faces of the parallelepiped cells 1 and 2 => I can only apply the free hexa mesh but this returns me to problem 1.


Note: Please note that these two problems are probably related
Thanks in advance,
Nicolas Carnec and Martin, edf R&D

Hi Nicolas,
please contact EDF support directly since you’re at EDF.