Make conformal structured mesh from not conformal blocking

I was investigating the possibility of doing the structured meshing of a (not correctly) cut block geometry, I was looking for a way to make this possible. as it can be seen in the image showing the volume groups of the mesh (for each block). the blue and yellow one are meshed with regular mesh (wire discretization, with number of segments, 20 and 10 respectively). the red one, that is the same height as the other two combined is also cut it into wire discretization with 30 number of segments.
obviously as it can be seen in the image, the mesh is not confromal, as the interface between the three blocks are not correctly connected. from my medium understanding of salome, the solution to this would be to use project 1D as algorithm over the 2 edges of the red cube that are in the interface while keeping the wire discretization with 30 elements in the other two edges so the final left side of the red section is homogeneous while it evoles from left to right to the correct nodes positions. but something like this is even possible with salome? specially that the source are two different groups.
any thoughts about something like this?
in any case, here is the salome file up to the image shown before (it is a .7z file with the extension changed to .hdf so I can uploaded to the page):
nonConformalBlocking_.hdf (294,5 KB)

@smeap ? @cbourcier ? opinions?
The only solution I found for the moment is to add the extra vertexes (two) in the correct position to the edges of the red block in the interface and then mesh it along the other concerning edges of the other two blocks. Would love for a solution that it is only based in smesh algos and hypothesis instead of modifying the geometry itself.
Thanks s in advance