Make a new geometry with analytical functions

I am a newbie to Salome. I am trying to make a geometry using python in salome. The geometry I want to make is like a hyperbolic shape inside a ring.

First I tried to use the UI and make a basic shape, then dump as python file so I can continue working on that file.

I made a hyperbola using create a curve, analytical with equations:

x(t) = 2*(1/cos(t))
y(t) = 4*tan(t)
t min = 0
t max = 6.28 —>(2. pi).

This made a hyperbola. Then I made a circle
x(t) = 5cos(t)
y(t) = 5
t min =0
t max = 6.28.

Then a bigger circle

x(t) = 8cos(t)
y(t) = 8
t min =0
t max = 6.28.

This is the point where I am stuck! I Want to fill the region between the circle and also the hyperbolic region. Then extrude. I don’t find a way to do that. Can anyone help me?

My attempt was to make this in UI and then dump as py, so that I know the python functions and then I can work on it. If anyone can tell me how can I make it in python directly, that would be a great help.

Thank you

would be easier to help you if you post what you got done already (the .py file that you have for the moment)


I think it easy to solve your task with bsplines. For this it is necessary to calculate all interpolation points externally. The calculated coordinates should then be entered into a Python script. An example was in this forum “Bspline from table” in September 2022.

with kind regards