Loading mesh with mesh groups


I have a mesh which already contains some mesh groups (it is in .mesh format). I wanted to add other groups to the previous ones using Salome. To this end, I used Meshio to convert my mesh to .med format since Salome accepts the mesh groups in this format. However, when I load my mesh, I cannot see any mesh groups.
Does anyone have any suggestions for resolving this issue?
I am using Salome 9.9.0 on Ubuntu 22.04.

I am not familiar with the format but you could read from your original file the indexes of the elements in the groups and re create them using python. keep in mind that the indexes in salome for the nodes, beging at 1 and not 0 as other formats, also the 2D elements (edges and faces) salome by default only creates them over the edges and surfaces of the geometry so no internal edges of internal faces.

Hi Franco,

Thank you for your help. I solved my problem with an in-house Python script, as you suggested.

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happy that it helped,
dont hesitate to share this kind of solutions in your posts if you can, as other users could find it useful in case that they find themselves in same situation.