Issue with netgen 3D-2D-1D hypothesis

I have found an issue with netgen 3D-2D-1D in windows 10 with salome 9.8, when I want to edit the hypotesis the windows does not open and i get in the terminal the following error:
“th. 000000C4FA3FFC40 - Trace e:\s\salome-9.8.0\sources\smesh\src\smeshgui\smeshgui_hypothesesutils.cxx [549] : Can’t load client meshers plugin library”

I am not able to reproduce the issue on my side. Note that, as recommended in the release notes, one needs to install SALOME in a directory which is as short as possible because of the known limitation in environment variable length on Windows.

Hello nabil,
I am actually facing a lot of issues that I did not realized before with the V 9.8.
before hand, I installed in the root of the C disk, so it can be in a shorter path i.e. C:\SALOME-9.8.0
for example, after finding this issue, I went back to the geometry module, create another primitive and try to fuse it with the one that i was trying to mesh and did get an error as the gui was not loaded or something like that. (sorry i did not write what it was exactly) also couldnt open shaper (should i call it workbench? or there is another name for it?)

I close completly salome and re open it, and then it worked, correctly geometry and shaper,
then I created a body by fusing two primitives, a sphere and a cube with default dimensions in geometry, and then fused.
open the mesh workbench, and mesh it in 3D with gmsh
GMSH parameters and choose deleurian in 3D. run the meshing process, it runned correctly
then create another mesh from the same body and change the gmsh parameters with frontal deleurina, and got an error
in the terminal I got “00000098E92FF800 - Trace e:\s\salome-9.8.0\sources\smesh\src\smesh\smesh_submesh.cxx [2051] : GMSH failed on sub-shape #1 with error COMPERR_OCC_EXCEPTION “OSD_Exception_ACCESS_VIOLATION: ACCESS VIOLATION at address 0x0000021600000008 during ‘READ’ operation””
if i close completly salome and re open it, and follow the same workflow but the first mesh is frontal deleurian, this time the meshing process runs correctly. but i get the similar error if i want to run a second mesh with deleurian, also if i have not opened shaper and after this error i go to open it I get an error “failed load SHAPER.dll the specific module could not be found”
best regards

Yes indeed you hit the current limitation of GMSH for Windows ( GMSH support on Windows was introduced in SALOME 9.8.0).
This know issue about running GMSH multiple times in the same session is reported in the release notes and is currently analysed by SALOME developers and and will be surely fixed in next release.

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Oh I am sorry did not see that, i saw in the release notes that it is experimental but not that issue thanks a lot :slight_smile:
best regards!