Issue with filling up a wire with a surface

I have obtained a closed wire, which I am looking to create a surface inside of it (not manually). once this said, I tried to use the ‘build face’ but the results are… far from perfect.
here is a screen shot of the closed wire and the generated face:

I should also mention, that I have the several points (a cloud of points) inside the wire that I could eventually use as guiding/anchors for the surface creation.
the edges of the wire are created using bspline curves so they should at least be somewhat smooth (and they share the begining and end points) having the wire at the end, only 4 vertexes.
any help recommendation, would be appreciated,
surfaceIssue.hdf (155,8 KB)

I found about the smoothing surface tool and by using the cloud of points I mentioned I am creating succesfully a surface, nevertheless, there are some options that the documentation does not throw a lot of light about them (SALOME Geometry User's Guide: Smoothing Surface) the

  • Max nbr of Bezier pieces ,
  • Max BSpline surface degree of the resulting BSpline surface

if anyone could explain me how this parameters impacts exactly the surface I would appreciate. specially If I can ‘force’ the face to pass through the wire… (the wire is also created from bsplines of several points.
thanks in advance.