Issue with boolean intersections in vr 9.9

I am not sure if this issue is comming from opencascade kernel itself but in any case, I am facing some issues while using salome. I use a script that create a lattice structure, and fuse them together. the script outside of being slow works perfectly. perfectly in vr 9.7 of salome… since the last two versions (9.8 and 9.9), the boolean operation when I select the options remove extra wires and detect self-intersections fails (in python i.e., geompy.MakeFuseList([body1,body2], True, True) )

here I am uploading the .hdf file,
Study1.hdf (2,8 MB)
if opened by salome vr 9.7 and we try to fuse the bodies latticeStructure and dummyStructure with the two options turned on it works as intended without issues. if we do exactly the same in vr 9.8 and 9.9 this gives an error ‘error can’t build object’.
would be great that this could be issued (I made the same post in the old forum with the release of the 9.8 vr) I would like to use some of the new tools introduced in the last updates inside my workflow and right now I can not do it.

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