Issue runing on Mint 21.2

Tried to run the verification

/sat/sat config  SALOME-9.11.0-native --check_system

Got the following:

Unknown distribution: 'not found'
Please add your distribution to src/internal_config/distrib.pyconf

Mint is in distrib.pyconf:

  "centos": "CO"
  "rocky": "CO"
  "debian": "DB"
  "fedora": "FD"
  "linuxmint": "MN"
  "mageia": "MG"
  "mandriva": "MD"
  "redhat": "CO"
  "red hat": "CO"
  "ubuntu": "UB"
  "Windows" : "W"

with the command: lsb_release -si. Result is: Linuxmint

I brute force installed the dependencies and now it is running. I tried to open the ./salome and installed the missing packages.

I’m having the same issue.
What specific dependency packages did you install?

I tried to trace back my command history, I think this is it:
sudo apt install -y libcdt5
sudo apt install -y libcgraph6
sudo apt install -y libgvc6
sudo apt install -y libboost-system1.74.0
sudo apt install -y libqt5help5
sudo apt install -y libopenblas0
sudo apt install -y libcminpack1
sudo apt install -y libfreeimage3
sudo apt install -y libboost-all-dev

Try running ./salome after these packages and see if something is missing.