Installation problem with SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC

hello ,
the Ubuntu 20 native version of Salome 9.9 does not run on my Ubuntu 20. This is the message in the linux shell:

johannes@lap2:~/work/22_Sie$ SA99
ERROR:salomeContext:Unexpected error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/opt/SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC/BINARIES-UB20.04/SALOME/bin/salome/”, line 281, in _startSalome
res = getattr(self, command)(options) # run appropriate method
File “/opt/SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC/BINARIES-UB20.04/SALOME/bin/salome/”, line 368, in _sessionless
import setenv
File “/opt/SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC/BINARIES-UB20.04/KERNEL/bin/salome/”, line 26, in
import orbmodule
File “/opt/SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC/BINARIES-UB20.04/KERNEL/bin/salome/”, line 30, in
from nameserver import NamingServer
File “/opt/SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC/BINARIES-UB20.04/KERNEL/bin/salome/”, line 26, in
from server import Server
File “/opt/SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC/BINARIES-UB20.04/KERNEL/bin/salome/”, line 25, in
from salome_utils import getHostName
File “/opt/SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC/BINARIES-UB20.04/KERNEL/bin/salome/”, line 39, in
import psutil
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘psutil’

Strangly the file ‘psutil’ exists:

johannes@lap2:/opt/SALOME-9.9.0-native-UB20.04-SRC$ find -type f -name ‘’

Even when changing to the directory which contains ‘’ this problem appears.

How can this be resolved?

many thanks


You have some missing required system packages which need to be installed. Here, you need to install: python3-psutil
Check the README file to see how to get the list of system dependencies.

thank you, it works fine now

Hello, when I try to run ./sat config SALOME-9.9.0-native --check_system
it just says -bash: ./sat: Is a directory

what is wrong?

Hi Jacob,

sat is in the sat directory, so type:

sat/sat config SALOME-9.9.0-native --check_system