Install Salome 9.12.0 on Ubuntu 24.04


I wanted to install Salome 9.12.0 on Ubuntu 24.04.
As Ubuntu 24 is not still supported, I downloaded the Universal Linux version.
I checked the system requirements and successfully installed missing ones except the libncurses5.
It seems it is not available for Ubuntu 24.04.

Any advice ?


PS: There is a libncurses6 already installed in Ubuntu 24 so I tried to launch Salome. It seems it does not work as the GUI starts for some seconds then close.

Ubuntu 24.04 is not yet supported (work in progress - if you have any patches you would like to share we welcome them though ) - In the meanwhile, you can try to use the universal binary which hopefully fits your needs

Note that if you’re running wayland, you might experience display issue - search for thread about wayland which explains how to switch to x11.


Thanks for your reply.
My problem is with the universal binary indeed.
When I launch Salome, the GUI starts then close.
I did not get any error message.

How can I know if the problem is with the libncurses5 or something else ?


can you share the error message you get ?

Thanks again for your reply.

I finally found a solution: I used the NVIDIA drivers instead of the default drivers and Salome is working now.


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