Install Salome 9.11.0 on Kubuntu 22.04

Hi all,

since the installation process was somewhat confusing for me,
and it might be of use for someone,
here is the sequence that worked for me with Salome 9.11.0 on Kubuntu 22.04

Cheers and thanks to all here! Max

download universal version somewhere into home folder (not on separate partition)

unzip archive

install package python-is-python3

open console
go into subfolder sat

./sat config SALOME-9.11.0 --check_system

copy list of missing RUNTIME dependies in bottom

install with apt-get:

sudo apt-get PASTE-LIST-HERE

same for COMPILE dependiences

let software center (package manager) look for updates and install them

reboot the system

start Salome GUI with

./salome start -g

my computer has no graphics card, just Intel Mesa graphics on board, so I need

./mesa_salome start -g