Install python dependencies for SALOME 9.10.0 unmet

Dear All

I am using SALOME-9.10.0, I downloaded the binaries and I was able to run the program, but I am trying to generate some geometry using python, when I load the script, nothing happens. I suspect this is due to unmet dependencies.

When I run ${ROOT}/sat/sat config SALOME-9.10.0-native --check_system, I see that there are some python packages are not installed although I am sure it is installed. for example as seen from the attachment it is missing sip package although it is installed. Can you help solve this issue, so the detecting the dependencies is correctly done.
OS: Ubuntu jammy 22.04
Python: version 3.10.12
PIP: 23.3.2

Indeed, the reported missing dependencies need to be installed as system packages using apt package.

Thank you it worked. I thought it was enough to install the python packages using pip.