Install and Run Salome in external Python

Hey. I’m sorry if this sounds a bit rudimentary. I have found many contradictory (maybe I’m just confused though) and sometimes outdates info on this. I want to write a Python code (using VSCode rn if that matters) that will use Salome for geometry and meshing. I want to completely integrate SALOME and use it like a normal library in Python. Import the library and run the code in Python, no opening of the GUI or requiring manual cmd interaction. Is that even possible?

Can someone please point me in the right direction? Even running SMESH by itself would suffice I think. Oh and it has to be on Windows.

As an example there is this page:
But I cannot find any file named “config-appli.xml”

Or in the case of this SMESH module:

I don’t know where are these supposed to point to:

Note that for Windows systems PTHREAD_INCLUDE_DIR and PTHREAD_LIB_DIRS will likely need defined manually since they cannot typically be automatically found by CMake.

Ok. I was working on this for days and then as soon as I ask you guys I find it myself (from other threads in here) lol.

If others are interested, the solution is:
1- Run env_launch.bat (in SALOME root folder as of now) in cmd terminal
2- Open VSCode from the same terminal
3- Change interpreter in VSCode to the SALOME interpreter.

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Hi, same problem here. Can you tell me, where the Salome interpreter for python is located?