Information window fell out of the app

SalomeWinBreak2022-05-30 183136

How do i put it back,
reinstalled SALOME-9.8.0-native-UB20.04-SRC several times
nothing gives!
this window INFORMATION cannot be moved or seen

try removing $HOME/.config/salome folder and then restart SALOME. Let us know if this fixes the issue.

Yes it did, u r awesome!

rys@DESKTOP-LK65OD1:/$ /usr/local/bin/salome_cfd
/bin/bash: line 4: /bin/salome/ No such file or directory

after one year of trying to install “combustion” I still dont have it together !
i should have code_saturne inside salome_cfd no such luck!

\home\rys\Salome\SALOME-9.8.0-native-UB20.04-SRC\INSTALL\KERNEL\bin\salome\ is here!