Import STEP file assembly as multiple bodies in Shaper

Hi everyone,

I have a STEP file that was created from a SolidWorks Part geometry, composed of several solid bodies. When I import this file into the Shaper module, I get a compound formed by all my solid bodies. In the end, I have only one “Result” in my Part, please see the picture attached.

In order to be more flexible when creating my mesh, I would like to have instead one “Result” for each of my bodies, similar to what I obtain using the “Explode” feature in the Geometry module. In other words, I would like to “explode” the compound that I get when I import the geometry. Is that possible only using the Shaper module?

I believe that one possibility would be to create one STEP file for each of my bodies and import them individually, but I would like to avoid that.

Thank you!