Icon and font size on menu bars

I have had this problem with other software, the font and icon size in the menu bars are tiny in 4k, I have a 32" monitor and still too small. I’m running Linux with cinnamon desktop. In freecad I was able to run some code in python console, so I’m not against that. All the setting in system setting don’t effect every program unfortunately. Any help would be much appreciated. this software looks promising and much better than free cad, but this would be a problem with my eyesight. Thanks

edit: so according to documentation there is supposed to be a theme selection under view, it is not there

well I guess there isn’t a community here. I have tried a different install, the font now is working according to my settings on the pc. but the Theme menu is still vacant. I guess I could try version 9.11.0. Kinda a bummer if there is no help then in the long run I don’t know if this will succeed. I really like this soft ware to so I’ll just keep plugging along, maybe I’ll get to talk to another human that uses it someday.

Indeed the Theme section does not exist anymore.
It should be removed from the documentation.

Concerning the size of icons, simple way is to change the resolution.
Otherwise this fix was proposed but it is for Windows Problem with too small icons — SALOME Platform
I don’t know if similar possibility can be used on Linux.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll stop looking for “Theme” menu. Changing resolution , well I sunk a lot of money into getting a nice 4k build and monitor. I don’t want to go backwards. If I was only using one program that would be fine, but I jump around and it would become a night mare. I’ll start chatting with the developers and maybe I can get a few lines of code I can use at start up. Good to know there are still people here using this. It is what I need. Thanks again.

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With this type of comment I hope that when you find out how to solve the issue you will post a detailed comment with step by step guide for solving this, Instead of simply disappearing till next issue that you want help.

Once said that, try the Salome universal release instead of your specific Linux release. It might help with the icon size.

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could you try:


or add in SALOME launcher:

context.setVariable(r"QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR", r"1", overwrite=True)

Then run SALOME to check if this helps - Give some feedback to the communauty whether it helps or not.



I will post as solved with the solution, I like to give back in a community that helps out. I will try the solution from NabilG .

thanks once I try I’ll let you know if and how it works

no luck, I might not be doing it right but had no luck

So I found this Salome frequently asked questions here
if you scroll down on this page to using Salome
on number 4 it talks about font size and icon size and gives this command or line of code
export QT_FONT_DPI=110
the 110 raises it 10%, but it does not say where to enter this line.

I try and put it in python console and get syntax error