How to transfer groups to next result? [SOLVED]

I made 2 blocks in Shaper.
Then I created a group in each of them.
After, I made a Fuse of the two blocks.

Then I went to Mesh and created a mesh for the Fuse, but I can’t fnd the groups in ShaperResults to use them on the mesh.

I think that is because as I made the groups before making the Fuse, they belong to the individual blocks and not to the Fuse.
Is there a way to transfer the groups from the blocks to the Fuse object?

Yes the groups are attached to the initial block not to the fuse
Normally the good practice is to do the groups on the final geometry.

But “Group” is a feature, and you can move it in the history after the fuse.
To do this, go the object browser, right click on the group feature and select “move to the end” this will move the group feature at the end of the history as if it was created then.
For sure this work only if the topology has not changed too much since the group creation.

Thank you @fred , this solved my problem