How to scale a picture in Salome to use it as the basis to create 3D shapes?

I`d like to use pictures as a basis to create 3D shapes. I figured out that the picture size when importing a picture into Salome is its original size in pixels = Salome units defined which is often not very conveniant.

How can I scale a picture to the desired size in mm?

It says in the documentation, that a picture is an object, it turns out it`s technically kind of a part instead of a “background” image like in other CAD programs:

In the Sketcher:

  • use “Features > Scale” to scale an imported image (the default size is the size of the original picture in pixels in mm i.e. 1px = 1mm as my units are set to mm)
  • use the “Part Toolbar > Placement/Translation/Rotation” functions to move the picture into the desired position and use “Rotation” to rotate it into the desired plane

The supported image formats include .png so formats are not limited to the formats mentioned in the documentation.