How to migrate salome 219.01 in CAELINUX to SALOME-9.12.0

Hello I am newbi, I try to run the first example of CIPRIANO RUSO , And in the last step i go a messaje which sasy: probably you are using and old version of salome, please update.
That said: I have installed ACAELINUX WHICH came with the preinstallation of SALOME MECA 219.01, ASTERCODE, PARAVIS, ETC, but in this oficial page says there is A NEW VERSION 2023 : SALOME-.12.0-199e46fd182dbe93514b9ec2beb64400.tar.gz
I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW if I can update my old version to this newone? If this is possible could somebody tellme where can i get the step by step to do this. please