How to make a prismatic mesh in a 3D object

Dear colleagues,

I am searching a way to make a prismatic mesh in a wedge. The objective is to use PENTA6 or PENTA15 elements in Code_Aster using a better approach to simulate plates of variable thickness (SHB model).

My last attempt was the use of VISCOUS_LAYERS, but they are unable to go from one face to another, stopping short and leaving part of the volume to be meshed with tetrahedrons.

Do you have any suggestion, or I will have to resort to Python loops inside Code_Aster?

Thank you all for your attention.


Hello, if you share your model and screenshoots where the problem promps it would be helpfull to help you. try giving as much information as you can, for you might be obvious as it is your project/work for someone from the outside not so much… :slight_smile:

Sorry for that!

Here goes the figure. The objective is to mesh the red face and extend the elements to the opposite face, creating a prismatic mesh that will be used in Code_Aster.

I tried to use viscous layers, but the mesher insist on creating tetrahedral elements in the middle.

The other way around is really to make a gigantic _F in Aster to attribute one thickness to each middle plane element in a CREA_MAILLAGE, but the separation of groups will be another nightmare.

I would much appreciate any hint.

Thank you very much in advance.


no problem, it is simply that makes easier to help you.
you have your solid, you create a group for your red face.
in mesh you select your solid, create mesh, 3D algo, you choose extrusion 3D, and then go to 1D and select your 1D discretization.
then select your mesh, create submesh, and select the group that contains the red face, choose a 2D algorithm, acept and then select the complete mesh and hit compute.
it should look like this:

Thank you very much for your help! It works so sweetly.

I had only to adjust the number of subdivisions in the linear mesh to 1 and, voilá:

To the next level now!

Best regards.