How to install salome 9.8.0 in xubuntu 20.04?

Hi I need to install Salome 9.8.0 in xubuntu 20.04 and I have almost zero knowledge of the xubuntu OS. I somehow managed to extrat the files from tar.gz folder but I don’t know what to do next to install salome.

I’m also wondering which is the correct package to download ( ) for my xubuntu 20.04 system? I don’t know whether I should choose the linux universal or Ubuntu 20?

choose linux universal, then you extract the folder and you can open a terminal in that folder and use ./salome and you can use it. this should do the job. the difference between the different packages is that the universal one will have extra things that might be in your system already.
in case of wanting to use the TUI mode (without interface) for python scripts you need to use “salome -t”

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Thank you so much!! :smile: Do you also know how to run Salome in terminal? Right now I can only sctivate Salome by clicking the salome file. I would like to make the terminal get access to Salome. Thanks!

Hello, what do you mean by terminal access to salome?
you can run salome in two different ways (not directly from the terminal): by GUI or TUI.
GUI: you can open it from the terminal and it will open salome interface. as I mentioned before, this is done by opening the terminal in the salome folder and run salome file (ie “./salome” in the terminal). this will open the software. with all its tools.
TUI: in salome you can create python scripts to create somewhat simple or repetitive geometries/tasks that you dont want to do by “clicking” in the GUI because it is easy. for this you go in the terminal to the salome folder, you can copy your python script in that folder and run “./salome -t” this will do what ever you have in your script without opening the GUI interface that sometimes can be easy to work.
but you can not run salome functions directly from the terminal.
have a look at cyprien video tutorials it will help you a lot. cyprien rusu - youtube channel

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Hello, is there any difference about Salome between linux universal or Ubuntu 20? like function etc.

No, the universal one it has every packages that you need to run Salome while the other versions they are missing some packages (because they use the ones of the system…) the idea behind is to save some space…