How to Install Parallel (MPI) Variant of Salome

Is there a procedure to ensure the parallel MPI version of Salome is installed?

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I read that YACS cannot be used for parallel computational codes unless the parallel Salome was built. Hoping to manage numerous parallel codes in YACS for multi-physics. But could not find any instructions for making the parallel Salome that would support this.

If anyone could provide me a simple procedure for making the parallel Salome, that would be greatly appreciated.


hello, I might understand you wrongly but,
you want to use YACS to run simulations from external solvers such as fenix, openfoam, or other CFD/FEM tool?
if that’s the case, and you solver is scriptable, you can use the common YACS, as YACS, uses python scripts that can share their variables (if needed) between them, so you can have a script for pre processing, another for the running the simulation, and another for post processing. in the one where you give the indications of how to run the simulation you use your commands of parallel run. so yacs runs in serial, but your simulation is controlled by your solver, and therefore the parallelism of it is controlled by the solver and not YACS nor SALOME.
hope this clarifies it a little better.
have a look at the great material tutorial from cyprien rusu, [Salome Automation 1] Introduction to YACS Module - YouTube
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Thank you for clarifying. Since YACS will let the parallel codes run in parallel, advantages of parallelism can still be obtained while using YACs despite YACs being serial. An ambiguous article I was reading did not make that clear. And thank you for the link to the video by Cyprien.

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