How to do Explode of a ShaperResult

Hi all,
I was trying to learn how to use Shaper to draw the geometry, instead of Geometry.

I draw a ShaperResult and then I create a Mesh on that.
Then I would like to create Groups of that mesh,
and I want those Groups to be based on the Geometry (not standalone).

When I used to do a Mesh on a Geometry object,
I would typically Explode sub-objects (such as all faces) and use those exploded sub-objects as my underlying Geometries for the Groups.

If I instead do a Mesh on a ShaperResult,
I would like to also do Explode of that,
but I cannot find how to do it.

I understand that I could do Export to Geom and only work with the Geometry,
but then if I change the parameters in Shaper
I will have to export another Geometry object
so I feel like I will lose all my subsequent work for the Mesh.

Can you please help me understand how to proceed?

Thanks in advance,

I’m not really that experienced with Salomè, so you should perhaps wait for suggestions from people who know what they’re talking about, but what I’m doing to solve this exact problem is to create groups with the geometry I want ‘exploded’ within Shaper.

For instance, select all the edges of a cube and put them in a Shaper Group. Then, when you go into mesh. you can select that group.

If you need a lot of “subgeometries”, it’s a lot o work, but I know of no other way.

Thanks a lot Ramiro, I’ll give it a try.
Let us see if someone gives me another solution as well.
Perhaps it will make sense to have an Explode button in Shaper to go from an object to its subobjects,
but I appreciate your idea of basically going from the subobjects to the object.