How to debug gui module in vs ide or other ide Conveniently?

In GUI module I want to use VS to set breakpoints and observe parameter values in the code.

the nominal approach is to compile SALOME in debug mode which is quite tedious (set debug to yes).

A more elegant approach is to compile SALOME with debug symbols, but this requires some changes in CMakeLists.txt, but you could try running with CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE RelWithDebInfo such that pdb files are generated and share your experience.

I tried to open SalomeGui. sln to read the code and modify some of it, but when I ran the SALOME-Session_Server-No_Server project, the dependency DLL was missing. Very difficult to run in VS. Is it possible to debug by modifying the compilation debug instead of setting the DLL path.

In order to debug, you need to launch SALOME and attach to the process SALOME_Session* (since it requires some flags to run)

Can you be more detailed? In my understanding, this cannot debug the software program before it runs completely

You need to start SALOMe outside visual by running call run_salome.bat.

Then in Visual you need to attach to the process which corresponds to SALOME_Session_NoServer.