How to create 3D freeform shapes like wing bodies or "sweept" wings?

I am new to Salome and would like to create aerodynamic shapes similar to wing bodies. I have used 3D modelling software similar to Rhino rather than real CAD programs in the past. My interest is external flow CFD.

Now I am struggling with the lack of a “sweep” feature that allows to sweep a profil or profiles along multiple “rails” - imagine you want to create the wing of a WW2 Spitfire with kind of an elliptic wing planform defined by two B-Splines and several, perpenticular airfoil profiles (note: airfoil profiles change along the wingspan for aerodynamic reasons, not just in size but also in shape so there are multiple profiles!).

Is this feasible in Salome?

I tried to achieve somethig like it using the Extrusions, Loft and the Pipe features without success.

Then I tried to reproduce a simple Rhino example (see picture) where the yellow curves are two connected curves/splines/rails and the black arc is the profile and didn’t succeed either. Does anyone know how to create this kind of 3D freeform objects?

I would also like to know how to do this. Please post the answer if you found out how to sweep.