How to access my Ahmed Body in the Geometry Module and "Explode" it for surface mesh creation?

I want to conduct an Ahmed Body simulation using Salome to gain experience with the part design functionality and meshing for CFD.

I assume, the workflow would be - please correct me if I am wrong:

  1. Use the Shaper Module for part design (here the Ahmed Body)
  2. Then the Geometry Module to “explode” the Ahmed Body into the segments for appropriate meshing (apply New Entity > Explode)
  3. Use the Mesh Module to define the Ahmed Body surface mesh and later on the mesh of the flow domain which is not yet defined

At the moment I am stuck between step 1 and 2 because I can`t access the Ahmed Body in the Geometry Module. When I use New Entity > Explode, the Ahmed Body is not available for selection.

How can I access my Ahmed Body in the Geometry Module to be able to “explode” my Ahmed Body?
AhmedBody.hdf (107,6 KB)

Shaper and Geometry are 2 different modules and normally there is no reason to work with both.
You can directly mesh your geometry done in Shaper.
When you will open the Mesh module, you will see a ShapeResults node in the Study with results and groups created in Shaper.
In your case you probably need to fuse all elements together first, then create groups of edges, or faces, if you need to give specific condition to the mesher.

Note that if you really prefer to use Geometry, there is a feature in Shaper called “Export to Geom”