How are geometry entities (e.g. Extrusion_1, ...) related to the exploded entities in a partition (e.g. Solid_1, ...)?

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I have a few questions regarding the connection of the indices/ID between geometry entities (see Extrusion_1, Extrusion_2 and Extrusion_3) and the generated indices of that geometries in a generated partition (see Solid_1, Solid_2 and Solid_3) of my simplified example (see Fig. overview_2024-01-15_09-06-13.png).

What I found out so far:

In the python-script (via Dump Study…), when I set “True” to “False” in the command [Solid_1,Solid_2,Solid_3] = geompy.ExtractShapes(Partition_1, geompy.ShapeType["SOLID"], False). The order of Extrusion_1, Extrusion_2 and Extrusion_3 coincides with the order of Solid_1,Solid_2 and Solid_3. If the keyword is set to “True” (default), this is not the case (See Fig. extractShapeWithKeywordSetTrue_2024-01-15_09-09-14.png).

So if I dump the python study and changed “True” to “False” the order is preserved (see Fig. extractShapeWithKeywordSetFalse_2024-01-15_09-15-09.png).

With the code:
geompy.SubShapeAllIDs(Partition_1, geompy.ShapeType["SOLID"])

I get all the newly created indexes of the partition. The order of these created indexes fits with the order of the created Extrusion_1, Extrusion_2 and Extrusion_3.

I recognized that the indexes are created before the Solids are exploded.

To my Questions:

  1. Is there any function to get the connection between Extrusion_1 and Solid_2? Maybe through the entry numbers of each entity? (See Fig. Entrynumber_2024-01-15_09-25-21.png)

  2. How are the index generated in the Partition? Is there any way to modify them or to get to know how the numbers are created according to the exploded solids? I.e. Solid_1 has index 2 Solid 2 has index 41 (compare Fig. Solid_1_is_index2_2024-01-15_09-27-23.png with Fig. Solid_2_is_Index41_2024-01-15_09-28-08.png).

How to connect these numbers with the underlying Extrusion_1 and Extrusion_2?

Is there any more elegant way than the procedure described above?

Any help is much appreciated!

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here are the other i mention above:



Please see the python-script (3,4 KB)