Help: what is the convienent method to delete rounding?

Hello all!

In order to perform simulating, I would like to do geometry cleaning, i.e. delete the rounding noted in following figure. There are many of rounding like them, maybe more than 2000. I have tried to delete one of them by the “Defeaturing” tool under “Features” in Geom module. But it is very, very slow.

I try to explode it into edges and delete the rounding since I remember there is tool of this kind in CAD. Then I can form the face and extrude it by a thickness to get the whole component. But I cannot find proper tool in Shaper to delete the rounding.

Could anybody give suggestion on the method to delete these rounding?

Thank you in advance!

I do remember the latest version of shaper has defeaturing function that allows the suppress the round etc. Not sure whether it can apply here, but worth to try.