Help needed - how to manage groups in Shaper after meshing

I’d like to create one mesh for whole structure and be able still to add or remove groups in Shaper.

I tested 2 approaches:

  1. I build a structure consisting of shells, faces and edges/lines. I add groups. When I go to Mesh module I may create mesh for separate elements only. Then I’m getting several meshes. When I go back to Shaper I’m able to add or remove groups.

  2. Structure is the same. I create a compound and add groups. Then I’m able to create one mesh for the compound, but I must delete the compound to be able to modify the geometry. If I do that I’m loosing all the work I did with groups.

Is there a 3rd way to create structure, add grups, mesh the structure with one hypothesis and obtain one mesh and still be able to go back to shaper to make changes without loosing groups?