Groups of faces not computed in mesh

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I’ve a problem, i import a step file in the geometry workplace then i create groups of faces, but in the mesh workplace they appear with a little warning panel. I don’t know why and i don’t know how to solved that issue ?
I can’t find solution in another topic in the forum maybe because i don’t use the right terms to describe this problem.

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Salome version 3.10.0

Hello Mathurin!

Just for clarify:
I correctly understood your steps?

  1. Import step file in Geometry module
  2. In Geometry moudle you create “Group of faces” for imported model
  3. Switch to Mesh module
  4. Create mesh for Imported model or only for Group of faces?
  5. Compute mesh
    And you receive this warning:

BR, Aleksei

Hi, thank you for your reply.

That’s exactly the steps I’m doing

I’ve found that it was only when I use the body fitting algorithm, when I use Netgen it work all the groups of faces are computed but i don’t know why

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with the body fitted algorithm you will ignore part of the geometry (as it tries its best to ‘fit’ to the geometry volume but it will not be 1:1) I assume that the group you created in a face, part of the face was not completely fitted and that’s why it shows a problem as part of it was cut during the mesh

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Ok, that seems logical

Thank you for your reply

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with body fitting, faces are not created by default. Make sure you have ticked Create Faces in body fitting hypothesis.

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