GMSH No mesh elements assigned to a Sub-shape

when I try to use GMSH I usually get an error saying Error : No mesh elements assigned to a Sub-shape.
Does anyone knows what that means and how to solve it?

Please share a reproducible script where the error appear. Currently Salome support meshing with GMSH for 1D2D and 3D2D1D meshes.


Here is an example when this error occures.
Study1.hdf (602.6 KB)

As cesar mentioned, gmsh you can not combine with other sub meshes with the exception of 3d combined with a 2d mesh. It does jot work as other meshes in Salome that you define an algo for each level and also you can use sub meshes. This is mentioned in the release notes of Salome 9.12

this is combination of 2D and 3D mesh.
And sometimes it works, sometimes after restart it stops working and this error occures.