Get old version 9.7.0

I wrote 2 years ago a Salome script with the version of Salome 9.7.0, that was working. On ly new laptop I downloaded the latest version of Salome, but the script is no longer working (I get errors of the type MakeCutList : Boolean operation will not be performed, because argument shape is self-intersected, I suspect this is because the initial script was handcrafted and unpacked by hand all faces or wires of solids and then dealt with it).

So I’m looking to recover the previous version of Salome that worked. I found this page Download Page — SALOME Platform gathering the links for the version 9.7.0, but all the links to download the archive are dead (e.g. for Ubuntu 20.04).

How could I get back this specific version of Salome ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello Thomas,

Unfortunately we cannot put back all previous versions in the download area.
But we still have previous archives.
Here is a link to download it: ownCloud
The password is Salome9.7.0