Geometry- Greate Group (Not Working)

Hi I am trying to follow this tutorial, but I go to Geometry, Right Click on the model, Click on Create group, left click on the surface circle icon, it stops working for around 2 minutes, is there something I can do to improve the time response?
The model can be found here (STEP File):
Video Tutorial:CFD Analysis of a Smoking Pipe | Part 2 | Fluid Region Extraction ∇ OpenFOAM® v8 - YouTube
Salome V 9.10
PC Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Pro
CPU: Ryzen 9
GPU: RTX 3060

Issue was that at the beginning I was getting Take into account the units (inch) embedded to the file?
I was clicking yes and that was the Issue. If Click in no it runs smoothly