Generate multiple parametric geometries from GUI

Dear All ,

I would like to create multiple geometries that differ for a parameter, e.g. the position of a sphere in a box.

How could I do that? Of course, in case of more complicated structures I would like to use the GUI.

Thank you for any possible suggestion


If you like to use parameters and GUI - take advantage of a NoteBook pad next to the Object Browser. In the table you are able to define parameters and then use them in the coordinate widgets. But in my opinion it would be easier to create simple python script : )
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Dear Filip,

thank you very much for your answer, indeed I would prefer using a python script to make the program produce recursively the geometries and the relative meshes, however every time that I ask this in the Salome python console the program simply crash :slight_smile:

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python scripting works ok, it is not easy to get the hands on it but it is doable.
have a look at this tutorial tutorial python from a great user @CyprienR ! he has some more tutorials. I work all the time with python scripts in salome what I would recommend if you want to go full scripting GEOM is quite easy to use. if you want GUI SHAPER is way more moder, but IMO way harder (and there is less material out there in the wild) to program.(here you have some mini tuto at the end
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Dear Giuliano,

if you like you can share your script, and I will take a look on it.
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