Extrusion problem

I am struggling a bit with mesh creation by extrusion.

I have created a quarter-cylinder which has a plane face on one side and is cut with a cone on the opposing side. Below, is the geometry with the cone-cut surface in view.

For this geometry, I want to create a mesh by meshing one of the surfaces and then create a volume mesh by extrusion.

However, the resulting mesh is not what I expected.

Is there a requirement when using extrusion that the involved opposed surfaces need to be parallel to each other, or they need to be plane, or identically curved?

Naively thinking, my geometry seems simple enough, however, Salome doesn’t create me a mesh.
Am I doing something wrong? Am I violating some assumption underlying the Extrusion3D algorithm?

extrusionProblem.hdf (453,7 KB)

Hello, this is an issue coming from the intersection with the cone surface,
from experience, I tested another configuration and the problem comes from the ‘point’ of the cone placed exactly at the vertex of the resulting geometry you could do something like this to ‘make it work’ obviously you will need to change the cone parameters:
but your approach was 100% correctly, it is an issue with the geometry itself

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