Exporting objects with names

Hi there, first post here, quite excited about Salome!

One feature I really like is the python console, it allows me to create complex geometries and edit them from a python file, great!

My problem is that when I assign names to objects and faces and then export everything to Fluent (using a STEP file) the naming is lost.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

Hi Guiseppe,
If you use SHAPER to model your geometry and give names to your results, these names get exported with the STEP file. If they don’t appear in Fluent, then it might be a problem with the STEP import there.
Please note, that GEOM does not export the names to STEP!

Hi, thanks for the reply, I will definitely look into it.
Just one question: can I create a model in GEOM and import it in SHAPER?

EDIT: I can export a STEP file from GEOM and import it into SHAPER, not sure if there is a less convoluted way.

I also managed to name a face and successfully export it together with a part. Unfortunately in Fluent I see not the name I used but “open-cascade-step-translator…”