Export mesh groups with element ID


My meshes consist of a general mesh of a partition created from multiple volumes. I need to export the IDs of the tetrahedra composing each volume (which I added as group of volumes via ‘group from geometry’)

I would like to ask if there is a way to export those elements IDs for each Volume group (either via export or python)?

I ask because I used a previous version of Salome (9.3) to create and export meshes in DAT format. With that version of salome the exported DAT file of the group contained the coordinates and the connectivity of the elements. The point is that the first field before the identifier ‘310’ (corresponding to 3d tetrahedra) was the ID of the element as it corresponds to the whole mesh, but now that ID is restarted for each exported group, that means that if I have 3 volumes in my mesh each with 10 elements, the first group had elements ID from 1-10 the second group IDs from 11-20 and the third group IDs from 21-30, but now each DAT file shows IDs from 1-10 for all 3 groups, i.e. it resets at each exports.