Export group in Geom

Hello, I have a problem with group when I export part in Geom. If I create my groups at the end of the model, it works. but if I don’t create my groups at the end, it does’nt work. See picture (only group at the end is present)

Do you have a solution, thanks


if the group has not been exported to Geom and ShaperResults, it may be because one of its faces has been modified by other features after group creation.

To call move to the end in python:

Part_1_doc.moveFeature(Group_1.feature(), ExtrusionCut_1.feature())

If it still does not work, you can upload your script so that we can see what is wrong.


PS: two messages of yesterday have been lost during a maintenance operation, sorry about that.

Hi Christophe, thanks a lot for your answer, I tried in my simple model and it works even if faces has been modified
I have to check in my complexe model
Thanks again

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