Error while fuse boolean operation in v 9.8

I am having an issue that apeared when I updated salome to v9.8. I have one lattice structure that is repeated in a direction (as in figure 1). when I try to fuse them and eliminate the extra wires I am getting an error (even thought that the geometry shares the same faces at the intersection). if I uncheck the remove extra wires option the fusion works correctly nevertheless I am certain that there is an issue in the v9.8 as in v9.7 it works correctly (i.e. it fuses and delates the extra wires.)
the geometries were created by a python script (that in v9.8 gives an error as at the end I am using fused_obj=geompy.MakeFuseList([structure,listInXCenters_slices_Fused[j]], True, True) and in the v9.7 it runs smoothly). and I also saved the hdf file up to before the fusion and tried to fuse them by GUI, in v9.8 I get the error “brep_tool:: topoDS_vertex hasn’t fp_pnt” (with remove extra wires active) and with the same file in v9.7 it fuses smoothly without problem or error (with the remove extra wires active, and obviosly it removes correctly)
figure 1 _ complete structure

figure 2 _ intersection of structure

as it is not possible to upload files to the forum this is the link to download the hdf file from wetransfer