Error while creating 1D-Fillet between helix (interpolation) and edge in Shaper (Salome 9.8.0)

I get the following error message while creating a 1D-Fillet of a wire in Shaper, which was created by joining an helix and an edge: Wire has no vertices for fillet.

To reproduce the problem, here are the steps in Shaper (using Salome 9.8.0):
0) Create new part

  1. Create an helix using Interpolation>Curve analytical with:
    X(t) = 10cos(t)
    Y(t) = 10
    Z(t) = t
    Min t = 0
    Max t = 2*pi
    Number of steps = 10
  2. Create a point at position (30, 0, 0)
  3. Create an edge between the starting point of the helix (10, 0, 0) and the new point at (30, 0, 0)
  4. Create a wire using the edge and the interpolation curve
  5. Create a 1D-Fillet of radius 2 using this wire. Make sure to choose the wire in the results, otherwise if you choose Wire_1 in the objects of Part_1, the program crashes (bug).

I want to create a fillet on the vertex between the helix and the edge, which exists, because I created the edge using this vertex. This looks like a bug, but maybe there are other ways to do this. Any ideas?