Error message of Salome 9.10.0 on ubuntu 22.04.2

Here is my experiences. Thanks in advances for any help and support.

  • Downloaded and extracted “SALOME-9.10.0-native-UB22.04-SRC”.
  • checked dependent packages with sat/sat config SALOME-9.10.0-native --check_system, got a lot
  • installed all missing binary and compiling needed packages using $ sudo apt-get install (all from both binary and compiling required packages)
  • except fftw, all other packages are installed without issue
  • run ./salome
  • it started with an error message : importError: /home/marpolesim/miniconda3/lib/python3.10/site-packages/PyQt5/ undefined symbol: _ZdaPvm, version Qt_5
  • When I selected geometry, I got an an error message “Salome Exception: Error: Cannot resolve ContainerManager in Naming Service”. This is the same as another thread Error: Cannot resolve ContainerManager in Naming Service
  • attached is my list of packages installed. Do I miss any thing? Thanks again. Charles
    apt.UB20.txt (161.9 KB)