Error: Invalid input mesh. Can't find 8 corners of a block by 2D mesh

I’m working on a mesh with bent pipes inserted into a rectangular shape. I made divisions in the geometry so that it had hexahedra in the model, although I have a problem when trying to make the 3D mesh. I want the mesh to be hexahedral, so I select the Hexahedron algorithm for 3D, Quadrangle mapping for 2D, and Wire Discretization for 1D. When I try to calculate the mesh, I receive the error message for the Hexa_3D algorithm #530(Solid) subshape “Invalid input mesh. Can’t find 8 corners of a block by 2D mesh.” Do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Hello Belisario,

You need to be sure that your geometry is box like, or be able to be decomposed into box like sub parts. I can also suggest for you to try Body fitting algorithm with optimal axes set, this may result in a purely hexahedral mesh if your geometry is regular enough, or try the same body fitting algorithm with quanta option, this will completely eliminate polyhedrons in the boundary if any. You might also try to use extrussion 3D algorithm to get a purely hexahedral mesh.